Illustrator and Graphic Designer from upstate New York

Oh hello! I hale from a small town at the top of the Adirondacks where I learned to love the outdoors and occasionally jump into below freezing lakes. After undergrad, I was hankering to cross the pond and ended up attending the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland where I received my Masters in Visual Communication and a budding enjoyment for scotch. Currently I live and work in Washington, DC.

What I do

I do all sorts of things! I like to switch it up every now and then, but these are some of my favorites:

Branding & Identity
UX / UI Design

What I’m About

I draw cities and shapes, listen to cool vibes, and swim in lakes. I’m always looking for innovative design and trying out different styles. I like to mess around with type, make tshirts for one off events with friends, hike in the summer and have a hot toddy in the winter. My favorite color is #F74730  (though that can change).

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