A long time ago I had a radio show. , My two friends and I hosted a weekly 2 hour show in our undergraduate adventures. It was our life for the whole of college, spending hours on playlists and finding new stuff, exploring the dungeons massive CD wall. We worked hard on it but soon learned through experience and as we were getting older that the music shouldn’t be work. By the time we were seniors we had multiple rotations under our belt, a string of guest hosts, and a new studio. Near the end it was less work and more about just playing what we liked, we were no longer so safe with our music plays to adhere to the rules of the radio or too out there to try and give us street cred. It was just about blasting that feel good tune every week. Music brought us together.

Between the three of us we knew it was our duty to get as many people listening to our show as possible. How could we not share our amazing taste in music with these people who need to hear it?! In the case of Cara and I we were the fresh faced new art students with the music collections of gold. Together we were the best thing for the station, self promoters of not just our show but the radio itself. Maybe it’s legend now, but for those four years our show ran we were the most listened to thing around. The flyers did their job well.


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