Ragnarok’s Birthday Bash

The end of the world comes in the form of a monster’s birthday party. This is the beginning of a continuing series about life ending but still having fun. Birthday Bash was my experimentation with color and design elements all in one place, combining patterns with illustration, sketches with colored work.  The series follows the arrival of some monsters into the city ready to get the party started. Continuing inside the city the scene begins to get more hectic as the monsters party gets a little out of hand. The final scene, entitled “The Appetite of Big Bust” goes something like this:

The awful happenings going on around here just got worse when Big Bust opened his mouth. Always a winner, Double B also goes by the tag Destroyer, which he garnered in high school after devouring the faculty. No one’s ready for what he’s got up his sleeve. The best has come and gone!

Just when things seem to be over, the frame holder itself let’s you know the party will only keep going.