Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market Poster

My town’s local Farmer’s Market was in serious need of some good old marketing. They needed a logo to use to get the word out there, and what better to showcase than the building it’s held in every Saturday? It’s a downtown staple and simply iconic, the perfect centerpiece for a logo if I do say so myself. And so not to give too much emphasis on any given thing that’s sold there, I was asked to create three varieties to highlight the scene. Produce, crafts, and baked goods; farmer’s markets are great places!

I also made posters for the market to bring awareness to the Shop Local movement. It’s a great thing, and not enough people participate or know about small markets like this. The posters were designed to show just a small sampling of what’s available from the local community and to create more buzz. You can buy fresh tomatoes picked from the farm that morning while sitting in an authentic Adirondack Chair eating a cupcake from your friend’s small business!