Baby Cakes

baby cakes font

Baby Cakes

A nostalgic display font

Baby Cakes is an Open Type display font with three different weights. A fully functioning font with a full set of symbols and over 200 personalized glyphs, Baby Cakes is a font with a sweet personality. Perfect for a summer vibe, this font works best with a happy-go-lucky attitude while maintaining a laid back sophistication.

A hollow font with a decorative flair that plays around as a slab serif sometimes and sans serif when it wants to go the beach. It mixes cursive elements with print lettering occasionally (when it can be bothered). It takes much of it’s design appeal from the Art Deco movement.

baby cakes numbers
baby cakes lowercase display 2
baby cakes light display
baby cakes bold
baby cakes black display

This font is elegant while remaining approachable. It’s nostalgic with a modern bent.  Warm weather vibes and a vintage style, Baby Cakes is versatile!  Lets take the car to the beach and tell everyone how much fun we’re having. Lets go on a roadtrip and take trendy photos.

baby cakes swimming pool poster
baby cakes swimming poster
baby cakes dock poster
baby cakes open road poster
baby cakes ampersands
baby cakes chill waves poster
baby cakes lil dip poster
baby cakes dive poster
baby cakes wet and wild poster

Baby Cakes! Having fun and looking good doing it.

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