Ragnarok’s Birthday Bash

Ragnarok's Birthday Bash

Living was so easy

The end of the world comes in the form of a monster’s birthday party. This is a series about life ending but still having fun, following some monsters looking for a good time in the city. A rip-roaring birthday bash to end them all.

Death From Above

The comet’s day out, they want to make it a better place for them and their friends. Playing songs on their Apocalypse trumpets for the cold and alone, they come with death and dying and share it for everyone. It’s only getting better!

death from above illustration

Chilling in the Afterlife

Living in the day to day waiting for the next thrill. Beasts in the Afterlife will take all they can without giving any back. The city living in mopes won’t even know what hit them when the monsters paint the town red. It’s only getting better.

living was easy monster illustration

The Appetite of Big Bust

The awful happenings going on around here just got worse when Big Bust opened his mouth. Always a winner, Double B also goes by the tag Destroyer, which he garnered in high school after devouring the faculty. No one’s ready for what he’s got up his sleeve. The best has come and gone!

the appetite of big bust monster illustration

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