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City Life

City Life! A series about what it’s like to live in a packed, claustrophobic, huge, exciting, metropolis. The inhabitants, the buildings, the lifestyle, the parties! This is a series focusing on typography, illustration, and design centered around fictional cityscapes and the characters who inhabit them. Bringing together my love of complicated layering and happy monsters, City Life allows me the opportunity to explore my favorite subjects of the known and unknown.

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Oh Hello!?

This lil guy is just looking for some friends. Making a commotion and scaring the neighborhood, his intentions are good. Sometimes even with so much going on around you, things can get boring.

What is everyone doing this weekend? Well if you’re bored and don’t know what to do, get the hell out and explore the city. Take a stroll and live that city life, eventually someone will say “hello” back.

It’s a Goddamn Block Party!

Anywhere you go in the city, there’s always something going on. People are out there having fun throwing shin digs, gathering for get-togethers, attending box socials, living it up and partying down. There’s so much energy going on in the streets from all the DIY wheat paste posters plastered about and event gigs yelling at you to have a good time. It’s hard to cut through the noise, but sometimes the noise is designed just for you as a reminder to get out and enjoy the City Life!

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The Civics triptych features a little excursion outside the city to some neighboring towns. These floating municipalities are having a rough week with Purple Guy wreaking havoc all about. Really he’s just curious for a peek inside, which is a universal idea – what’s life like behind that door? Purple Guy doesn’t wait to ask.

lil cuties monster illustration
lil cuties monster illustration
lil cuties monster illustration
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Role Call

It’s the people around you that make the place around you count! No matter where you are, the friends you have are what make that place worth being around. Make sure you take good care of them.

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