Education Reform

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Education Reform

A New York City band

Education Reform is a band from New York City. It’s also the moniker of a close friend. Needless to say I was more than willing to help out when the time came for some posters and advertisement. Everyone knows that gig posters are forever changing with random trends and aesthetics, but manage to capture a particular feeling in time. I wanted to make the posters for the first gig and consequent shows to follow a consistent series for fans and passerby’s alike to recognize at first sight.

The posters represent conflicting aspects of school life, drawing inspiration from the band’s name. Business and pleasure, studying vs. partying, having to be studious and go to class or to chase that pretty young thing? These greyhounds represent the very dichotomy of school life.

Science experiments vs. P.E. athletics, nerd vs. jock, these happy collies are top of the class both in and outside the classroom!

And finally our recent grads, the doberman trio. Happy, nervous, too cool to care, these guys run the gamut of what the last day of school feels like.

Playing around with different dog breeds in the CMYK format was a fun way to explore school life and honing in on universal experiences with a light hearted tone.

For Education Reform’s first EP release the dog theme had to continue, no question. Culminating all the dog posters I had made for them previously the CD design needed to feel a little different yet call back to all the work the band put out prior. Focusing on a super cute dog’s face up close and personal (my old dog Cooper, a golden retriever) allowed for a fresh take on the prior aesthetic. And the image on the disc is another all time cutie, Keesha the beautiful dog who’s breed I can’t remember! These cases were screen printed in one color halftone on a thick textured paper for its initial release and then after a couple of tour dates garnering a good name on the music circuit the band re-issued the EP in it’s two toned glory (sticking with the CMYK theme from all the past posters).

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