Great Britain

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Posters for the love of old buildings, green country side, dreary weather, and copious amounts of tea! Geographically speaking, the letters represent each country from the South to the North, making pit stops on the way to some of my favorite places. There are famous landmarks littered throughout each section that define the cities and areas.

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You can see the White Cliffs of Dover with it’s port to France next to all there is to offer in London. The “E” keeps calm and carries on into the upper shires making a stop at Sailsbury with the much loved Black Cab taking a jaunt out to Stonehenge. Moving along we find ourselves at the Roman baths in Bath, taking a little punting trip under the Bridge of Sighs, and catch a football game in New Castle. And at the very top is the festive pier at Blackpool. On the bottom dancing are the lion and unicorn from England’s Coat of Arms and a diamond crown.

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We start in Glasgow on the “S” with Kelvingrove Art Museum in the center (my flat was just a block away!) and roll right into the capitol of Edinburgh with Arthur’s Seat (it’s a large cliff overlooking the city) right at the end of the bend. Aberdeen and Inverness stop by to say ‘hello’ and the Highlands and Islands top it all off. The items on the side of Scotland are Tunnock’s Tea Cakes and Tennent’s Beer respectively with the thistle (the official flower).

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