Stand Tall

Stand Tall

Illustrated children's book

Stand Tall is a children’s book I created the illustrations for. It is a book that tackles a hard subject, focusing on kids who have a terminally ill parent. The book uses the perspective of a child grappling with a sad subject and trying to find answers for their situation. Stand Tall provides an honest look at loss at an early age through its writing and illustrations. It doesn’t claim to provide answers for loss, but the book teaches its audience the importance of their questions and how to express themselves.

Proceeds of the book go towards the GIST Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Throughout the book, the author uses the perspective of several different children in different situations dealing with similar questions. By spreading focus to several individuals the book is able portray this tough subject with respect and provide a voice for many.

The book offers support and resources for children and family to help them cope and understand this often untouched subject. You can find a copy here .

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